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Every time I try to get into a rhythm with this running thing, something bites me in the ass. I get sick, or the cat pukes on the carpet six times and it just derails me, or I get crap sleep and I'm sore. I WANT to get up to where I'm running 5 times a week or so. Anyways, hop on the treadmill today, 'bout ten minutes in, manage to pull a muscle in my calf. Dammit.


I'm not going to be doing 10-mile runs or some weird shit like that, I just wanna be able to run 2-3 most days so I can keep the weight off. This is getting frustrating.

Started playing Dead Rising a few days ago. Enjoyable so far, but steep early learning curve. Went from "okay, work your way around these zombies, beat a few up, escape..." to hassling with some jerkwad's camera mission. Okay, fine. That's done. Now I have to go over there and start helping rescue people. Can do that. Head out to the big outdoor plaza... The big, fully enclosed outdoor plaza

Escaped convicts? In a jeep? WITH A GODDAMN CHAINGUN?!?!!

Never mind the learning curve that is on par with "ah, defeated four orcs, did you? Let's see how well you fare against twenty MIND FLAYERS!" at that stage, but the logistics of the how just kinda irked me there. Ended up scrapping and restarting, and the next time got to the plaza before dark, which apparently is what triggers convicts... then on the way back they just didn't see me. So it seems that the answer to dealing with convicts in the early game is "get lucky enough that they don't see you." I find this, well, lame. On day two, when I had a chance to look around and maybe get A weapon to defend myself with, maybe. But right out of the gate? No, weaksauce.

Beyond that, enjoyable, except for the fact that the people you're trying to rescue are DUMBER than the zombies. Apparently, according to most of them, the best way to keep from dying is to go into the MIDDLE of a giant zombie horde and stand there and cry. That will make them not eat you for sure. So far the only non-inept people I've rescued have been the two japanese tourists, who I gave guns to and was very happy with as they helped me shoot a lunatic clown to death, then actually kept pace and fought their way through as I led them to safety. More of them please.

Getting the GM bug again too... next game I will run will be a Feng Shui campaign... finally have a good idea for a long-running one.


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That amuses me, in that I'm also about to run a FS campaign -- being asked to, anyway. Definitely going to be an "all newly pulled into the War by the butthairs of your Melodramatic Hooks, so if you want a particularly Factional archetype then congratulations, you have amnesia" sort of game.

I didn't ever finish Dead Rising out of similar objections to the learning curve. I'm sure I *could*, but why bother? Bleh.

Pooooooortal Twooooooooo~ *.* So close, I can almost taste it. Or maybe that's cake I'm tasting. Hum.

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