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Run Kitteh Run!
Dragon Age 2 is win. It has eaten most of my post-work and pre-work slacking off time. Especially on the new shiny TV. Big... pretty... shiny new TV. Looks even better when I realized "heyyyy, I can set the Xbox to actually USE its 1080p setting now!" I was so used to oversized projection non-HD, so when I went to HD it was kind of a "whoa" moment. And I'm not exaxtly Mr. "ZOMG HOEM THEATAR SYSTEMS RULZ!!!11!one".

I got a treadmill too, and it's getting use as I get back onto exercising. I figure if I can watch something while I work out, I'll work out more. So far it's well, working out. I've been recording Chrono Cross on the SciFi channel (I will NOT spell it their new craptastic way) and watching that among other things.

Among other dalliances is a new CCG I have committed to called "The Spoils." This game is AWESOME. It's like of Magic and Feng Shui had a bastard child after a three-night bender. Very entertaining. With wonderful cards like "Horrifying Brain Monkey", "Roundalicious Breasticles", and "Abominable Hamster", it's obvious it doesn't take itself seriously, and makes a good game in the process.

Dragon Age calls. I must answer. Though I should finish writing up Shiba's background soon, since I'll actually get to play her...


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Who is Shiba? (My mind goes to the Phoenix from L5R.)

Shiba Madsden, aka Shiba Three-Eyes (on account of her wearing goggles instead of the glasses that would make one called "Four Eyes"), is my Artificer in Myrrh's upcoming Victorian Steampunk setting Pathfinder game.

Though "Artificer" may be the class I'm playing, it's a poor descriptor. A much better one would be "slightly unhinged engineering gunbunny." She is an energetic scientist who is a savant when it comes to engineering and building firearms and artillery... but, well, let's just say it's not often I play a character with Wisdom as a dump stat, and I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, her! You told me about her over winter break. :) I hope that game is as fun as it sounds like it will be, I know Myrrh's pumped to run it.

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