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Never thought I'd have trouble going BACK to a swing shift schedule. Couldn't sleep past 9:00 today. I'm sure that'll change in a couple days once I've been working these hours.

Got made fun of my a couple coworkers because not only do I talk to myself, I will practically have conversations with myself while working. Since I'm still new, it's really the easiest way to remember to do everything is to say it under my breath as I do it - problem is I don't always, to my embarassment, say it under my breath. Hasn't annoyed anybody YET, at least. And work's going really well now - though that'll probably change when I start learning a new station in the records area. For now though, on my last day on dayshift, my trainer said that other than I ask questions now and then, she forgets that I'm new. I was really flattered by that, especially how shaky I felt early on.

Got some cards for a game called "The Spoils" recently. Kind of a bastard combination of Magic and Feng Shui/Shadowfist. Takes a little getting used to, but is a lot of fun. It clearly doesn't take itself seriously either, with cards like "Horrifying Brain Monkey" - a monkey made of brain, thrown at an enemy character to auto-kill it, and "Unexpected Boobysnake", a character that can be played at just about any time beecause, well, it's unexpected. Very fun game... I think I paid $35 for five starter decks and 250 extra cards, so 7 bucks a pack of one of each of the factions and some extras wasn't bad at all.

Taxes done as well - about $2260 back this year. Yay for deductibles from driving mileage (nearly a $10k deductible on it this year). Gonna get a new TV and a treadmill I think. May get a new computer in the summer too. For now, must wake the rest of the way up. Workin' nights again tonight.



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