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Hole. Lee. Crap.
Okay, so this was my first "full week" working at the jail, since last week had two days of orientation and a little muddling about.


This job is HARD. I mean INSANELY hard. There is a TON of stuff to take in, and no room for error. It is a 100% accuracy job, due to what your subject matter is. Make a mistake, and a criminal is on the streets early. Or someone who's not supposed to be in the slammer for but maybe a couple hours is put into high-security detention. If you're LUCKY, such a mistake merely causes headaches for your coworkers.

Did I mention that all training is "on the job", and I'm stumbling about horribly, making mistakes on EVERY thing I do? Yeah, that's brutal.

The trainer is nice enough. I know I vex the crap outta her sometimes, because I will miss certain things over and over because the minutiae just throws me. Seriously, we will get the same type of coding 15 different ways, depending on which agency, who signed the paper, and what bird crapped on their bran muffin that day. And we have to know how that (and all the other dozens of codes that come in 15 different ways) get space, punctuated, etc., on top of everything else. Put a bad space in? Throw it back. It is THAT technical.

I get that it has to be. The repercussions of mistakes potentially devastating. Doesn't make the job easier. Especially for people like me who hate letting someone down. No few times I feel like I'm letting my trainer down because I'm not getting something after a couple tries.

The one thing that's really nice is that while I'm stumbling on some things, the way she talks, my trainer seems to think I'm doing really well on others. The main program we use isn't too hard to follow (the information IN it, on the other hand...), so I've picked that up faster than she expected. And somehow, while I'm missing really obvious stuff, I'm snagging some of the more complex things - I think that's just my brain at work there. Missing the obvious is the story of my life. The trainer seems to be picking up better on "how I learn" and "how to deal with me" too, which is a big help, because at first I believe that wasn't happening as well - to be fair, she's known me not even 2 weeks now, and she also has to do her job while training me, so that would take some time. But now she goes on vacation for two weeks, and I do a lot of other stuff that's required by law for me to be able to do the job procedure wise (notary training, for one thing), and I get to go sit in court for a day and watch the proceedings at one point as well. I am going to have a ridiculous amount of notes for this job by the time I'm out of training. This week's stuff alone, I have like 6-7 pages typed up and printed out at work, and another 8-9 scrawled in a notebook that needs typed and sorted. And the training binder is several hundred pages thick. The 3-inch three-ring binder has a hard time holding it all. And that's TRAINING, not DATA I need to know.

I think I can do it though. It's gonna take forever to learn it all, but I think I can do this. It is far and away the toughest job I've ever had, and really, I would defy anyone to present to me a data-entry-related job that comes CLOSE to the density of this beast.

For now... thank God for weekends.

Thank. God. For. Weekends.



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Sounds chaotic and challenging!

I believe in you.

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