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And now, a proper update.
Metroid Love
So yeah, it's been a bit since I posted here, hasn't it?

Work is wonderful, but not for everyone. We lost one of my fellow newbies in the last week - apparently he just wasn't able to keep up with everything we had to learn (I haven't been on his shift for but like 3 weeks, so I can't speak to this with any accuracy). That sucks - I didn't exactly want to see any of us not make it. Outside of that though it goes well. I was getting a little stressed on Days a couple weeks ago, but then I literally told myself "no more of this", as I realized I was stressing myself out, not letting the work do it. Now I've got 2 weeks left on Days before (blech) graveyards. That's not a shift I'm looking forward to. Ah well. Gotta do my time, I suppose - it's only fair =^~_~^=

In other news, Ian had been pestering Deb to try to "find me a girlfriend" (I may have the wording wrong, but he was doing as such, at least from my perception). Well, I had put skype onto my compy so I could pester Ian and his GF at the same time now and then, and I had Deb and a couple other friends on my talkies list, and I get this message from someone I've never met which says "Deb says I need to friend you because you're awesome."

Me: "Goddammit Ian."

So I accept, and end up talking to this girl, and we hit it off. The weekend of May 20 she came down to visit Deb (and by proxy me as well), and we continued to hit it off. The down side is that she lives in WA, which is admittedly stressful (I thought I'd promised myself no more of this long-distance crap =^>.<^= ), but she's a lot of fun to be around and to talk to, and quite frankly I love 'er to death, so we're going with it for now.

Amongst bummer news, my glasses are on the verge of breaking - at least the nose pad is. And that would hurt. So hopefully I can get in today and see about replacements. At least my benefits will cover it.

I suppose that now that it's two hours plus past my normal wakeup times, I should get my day started. But that would be responsible. And unlazy. And... so not like me on a day off.

Sounds like a great idea.


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Oh, that is good news on the dating front! I hope you can manage the distance.

One long distance relationshipper to another, welcome to the club! I've managed it for three years (after, as you know, it being non-long-distance originally), but now it's starting to wear. I make regular pilgrimages to WA, passing through Eugene; let me know if you ever want to do a SO-visiting-carpool! ;)

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