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Soooo close.
I almost wish Dragon Age 2 was coming out NEXT week.


I've been playing the first one and the expansions like crazy lately, ever since finishing FF13. Unless something screwy has happened, I just have to do the final battles in Redcliffe and Denerim with Loghain as my tank, and I'll get the one ending I haven't gotten, and with it my last DA:O achievement. If I had another week, I bet I could grind out the other five from the expansions and get a full clear on it. That's the only reason I'd like one more week to play it. But I know I'll go back and finish it at some point. So close tho.

I also found the new(-ish?) Pac Man game downloadable on Xbox for 5 bucks. It is addicting. I've always liked Pac-Man... possibly cuz it's the first video game I ever played, but the original can get a little stale because (1) only one map, and (2) it gets really harsh and unforgiving. I've always liked Ms. Pac Man and Super Pac Man better. But the new one is a lot of fun. It gets really intense, with me yelling "HOLY CRAP!" or the like at least once every time I play it, due to exactly how close you regularly come to being nommed on without actually dying. The big downside is that there's not an "untimed" mode. The longest you get is 10 minutes to make the best score you can. I think that's okay though - often the way the maps are built, along with the fact you don't stop getting extra lives as you progress, you could end up playing a LONG time if there wasn't a timer.

Beyond that, life's good. Tax money here, girl scout cookies in the freezer, gonna crash Peter & Tammy's game day today before work, and working on swings is, well, fun. I could ask for more, but I'd likely just be being greedy.


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Woo for the good life!

How was FF13? I haven't heard much about it.

FF13 was worthy. I would say it could be argued that it's best one since 7, and I would add that I say that and I really enjoyed 10. It was VERY pretty, and the story was good. Sazh was my favorite character - him and Vanille had a wonderful reparte (did I spell that right?). Especially now that its price has dropped, it's certainly worth getting.

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