And now, a proper update.
Metroid Love
So yeah, it's been a bit since I posted here, hasn't it?

Work is wonderful, but not for everyone. We lost one of my fellow newbies in the last week - apparently he just wasn't able to keep up with everything we had to learn (I haven't been on his shift for but like 3 weeks, so I can't speak to this with any accuracy). That sucks - I didn't exactly want to see any of us not make it. Outside of that though it goes well. I was getting a little stressed on Days a couple weeks ago, but then I literally told myself "no more of this", as I realized I was stressing myself out, not letting the work do it. Now I've got 2 weeks left on Days before (blech) graveyards. That's not a shift I'm looking forward to. Ah well. Gotta do my time, I suppose - it's only fair =^~_~^=

In other news, Ian had been pestering Deb to try to "find me a girlfriend" (I may have the wording wrong, but he was doing as such, at least from my perception). Well, I had put skype onto my compy so I could pester Ian and his GF at the same time now and then, and I had Deb and a couple other friends on my talkies list, and I get this message from someone I've never met which says "Deb says I need to friend you because you're awesome."

Me: "Goddammit Ian."

So I accept, and end up talking to this girl, and we hit it off. The weekend of May 20 she came down to visit Deb (and by proxy me as well), and we continued to hit it off. The down side is that she lives in WA, which is admittedly stressful (I thought I'd promised myself no more of this long-distance crap =^>.<^= ), but she's a lot of fun to be around and to talk to, and quite frankly I love 'er to death, so we're going with it for now.

Amongst bummer news, my glasses are on the verge of breaking - at least the nose pad is. And that would hurt. So hopefully I can get in today and see about replacements. At least my benefits will cover it.

I suppose that now that it's two hours plus past my normal wakeup times, I should get my day started. But that would be responsible. And unlazy. And... so not like me on a day off.

Sounds like a great idea.


....and Taxes.
Dr. Hobo
(an extended version of the most recent FB post)

I'm reasonably certain that I, on a regular basis, do things that, while they may not make God disappointed in me, or that are not actually sins, do definitely make Him pinch his brow and sigh in frustration as I go about my day, giggling maniacally.

Someday, I'm going to die. And when I get to Heaven, St. Peter is going to look in the big book, and I'm going to be on the invite list to that big party in the sky. But when he sees my name, there's gonna be this big orange mark next to it. And he's going to press the intercom button on his little pedestal, the one that rings to God for "special circumstances."

"Um, sir?"
"Yes Peter?"
"Sorry to bother you, but Clingman is here."
"Lyle? I know, he's been here like 20 years."
"No no sir, the other one."
"Yes sir."
"Alright, send him in. I suppose he had to show up eventually."

And then I'm going to be taken to a large room. And God is going to sit me down. And while I'm going to be let in to Heaven, I am going to get quite the talking to. And then I'm going to be told to sit in the corner and think about what I've done.

That's right. I'm going to be put in time out in Heaven. And the whole time I'm sitting there, I'm going to be remembering all those things, and giggling again. And God's going to sigh audibly, shake his head, mumble something along the lines of "dammit, dammit, ME dammit!" and go on about his business. Because I'm not sinning, I'm not being evil... I'm just being me. And there is inherent mischief involved in being me. And why not? I am made in God's image - mischief is part of the game, no?

...I just bought another 15 minutes in time out with that.

So worth it.


Metroid Love
Brief post, primarily to have something happier at the top of my page.

Best present I got for Christmas: The binder of recipes from my grandmother. Made meatloaf and cream puffs both for the first time today. Can do a couple things different to tweak the recipes and add numminess, I think, but still delicious.



Every time I try to get into a rhythm with this running thing, something bites me in the ass. I get sick, or the cat pukes on the carpet six times and it just derails me, or I get crap sleep and I'm sore. I WANT to get up to where I'm running 5 times a week or so. Anyways, hop on the treadmill today, 'bout ten minutes in, manage to pull a muscle in my calf. Dammit.


I'm not going to be doing 10-mile runs or some weird shit like that, I just wanna be able to run 2-3 most days so I can keep the weight off. This is getting frustrating.

Started playing Dead Rising a few days ago. Enjoyable so far, but steep early learning curve. Went from "okay, work your way around these zombies, beat a few up, escape..." to hassling with some jerkwad's camera mission. Okay, fine. That's done. Now I have to go over there and start helping rescue people. Can do that. Head out to the big outdoor plaza... The big, fully enclosed outdoor plaza

Escaped convicts? In a jeep? WITH A GODDAMN CHAINGUN?!?!!

Never mind the learning curve that is on par with "ah, defeated four orcs, did you? Let's see how well you fare against twenty MIND FLAYERS!" at that stage, but the logistics of the how just kinda irked me there. Ended up scrapping and restarting, and the next time got to the plaza before dark, which apparently is what triggers convicts... then on the way back they just didn't see me. So it seems that the answer to dealing with convicts in the early game is "get lucky enough that they don't see you." I find this, well, lame. On day two, when I had a chance to look around and maybe get A weapon to defend myself with, maybe. But right out of the gate? No, weaksauce.

Beyond that, enjoyable, except for the fact that the people you're trying to rescue are DUMBER than the zombies. Apparently, according to most of them, the best way to keep from dying is to go into the MIDDLE of a giant zombie horde and stand there and cry. That will make them not eat you for sure. So far the only non-inept people I've rescued have been the two japanese tourists, who I gave guns to and was very happy with as they helped me shoot a lunatic clown to death, then actually kept pace and fought their way through as I led them to safety. More of them please.

Getting the GM bug again too... next game I will run will be a Feng Shui campaign... finally have a good idea for a long-running one.


Run Kitteh Run!
Dragon Age 2 is win. It has eaten most of my post-work and pre-work slacking off time. Especially on the new shiny TV. Big... pretty... shiny new TV. Looks even better when I realized "heyyyy, I can set the Xbox to actually USE its 1080p setting now!" I was so used to oversized projection non-HD, so when I went to HD it was kind of a "whoa" moment. And I'm not exaxtly Mr. "ZOMG HOEM THEATAR SYSTEMS RULZ!!!11!one".

I got a treadmill too, and it's getting use as I get back onto exercising. I figure if I can watch something while I work out, I'll work out more. So far it's well, working out. I've been recording Chrono Cross on the SciFi channel (I will NOT spell it their new craptastic way) and watching that among other things.

Among other dalliances is a new CCG I have committed to called "The Spoils." This game is AWESOME. It's like of Magic and Feng Shui had a bastard child after a three-night bender. Very entertaining. With wonderful cards like "Horrifying Brain Monkey", "Roundalicious Breasticles", and "Abominable Hamster", it's obvious it doesn't take itself seriously, and makes a good game in the process.

Dragon Age calls. I must answer. Though I should finish writing up Shiba's background soon, since I'll actually get to play her...


Soooo close.
I almost wish Dragon Age 2 was coming out NEXT week.


I've been playing the first one and the expansions like crazy lately, ever since finishing FF13. Unless something screwy has happened, I just have to do the final battles in Redcliffe and Denerim with Loghain as my tank, and I'll get the one ending I haven't gotten, and with it my last DA:O achievement. If I had another week, I bet I could grind out the other five from the expansions and get a full clear on it. That's the only reason I'd like one more week to play it. But I know I'll go back and finish it at some point. So close tho.

I also found the new(-ish?) Pac Man game downloadable on Xbox for 5 bucks. It is addicting. I've always liked Pac-Man... possibly cuz it's the first video game I ever played, but the original can get a little stale because (1) only one map, and (2) it gets really harsh and unforgiving. I've always liked Ms. Pac Man and Super Pac Man better. But the new one is a lot of fun. It gets really intense, with me yelling "HOLY CRAP!" or the like at least once every time I play it, due to exactly how close you regularly come to being nommed on without actually dying. The big downside is that there's not an "untimed" mode. The longest you get is 10 minutes to make the best score you can. I think that's okay though - often the way the maps are built, along with the fact you don't stop getting extra lives as you progress, you could end up playing a LONG time if there wasn't a timer.

Beyond that, life's good. Tax money here, girl scout cookies in the freezer, gonna crash Peter & Tammy's game day today before work, and working on swings is, well, fun. I could ask for more, but I'd likely just be being greedy.


Space Filler
GM Bowser
Never thought I'd have trouble going BACK to a swing shift schedule. Couldn't sleep past 9:00 today. I'm sure that'll change in a couple days once I've been working these hours.

Got made fun of my a couple coworkers because not only do I talk to myself, I will practically have conversations with myself while working. Since I'm still new, it's really the easiest way to remember to do everything is to say it under my breath as I do it - problem is I don't always, to my embarassment, say it under my breath. Hasn't annoyed anybody YET, at least. And work's going really well now - though that'll probably change when I start learning a new station in the records area. For now though, on my last day on dayshift, my trainer said that other than I ask questions now and then, she forgets that I'm new. I was really flattered by that, especially how shaky I felt early on.

Got some cards for a game called "The Spoils" recently. Kind of a bastard combination of Magic and Feng Shui/Shadowfist. Takes a little getting used to, but is a lot of fun. It clearly doesn't take itself seriously either, with cards like "Horrifying Brain Monkey" - a monkey made of brain, thrown at an enemy character to auto-kill it, and "Unexpected Boobysnake", a character that can be played at just about any time beecause, well, it's unexpected. Very fun game... I think I paid $35 for five starter decks and 250 extra cards, so 7 bucks a pack of one of each of the factions and some extras wasn't bad at all.

Taxes done as well - about $2260 back this year. Yay for deductibles from driving mileage (nearly a $10k deductible on it this year). Gonna get a new TV and a treadmill I think. May get a new computer in the summer too. For now, must wake the rest of the way up. Workin' nights again tonight.


Metroid Love
You know, life's pretty damn good right now.

That is all.


Hole. Lee. Crap.
Okay, so this was my first "full week" working at the jail, since last week had two days of orientation and a little muddling about.


This job is HARD. I mean INSANELY hard. There is a TON of stuff to take in, and no room for error. It is a 100% accuracy job, due to what your subject matter is. Make a mistake, and a criminal is on the streets early. Or someone who's not supposed to be in the slammer for but maybe a couple hours is put into high-security detention. If you're LUCKY, such a mistake merely causes headaches for your coworkers.

Did I mention that all training is "on the job", and I'm stumbling about horribly, making mistakes on EVERY thing I do? Yeah, that's brutal.

The trainer is nice enough. I know I vex the crap outta her sometimes, because I will miss certain things over and over because the minutiae just throws me. Seriously, we will get the same type of coding 15 different ways, depending on which agency, who signed the paper, and what bird crapped on their bran muffin that day. And we have to know how that (and all the other dozens of codes that come in 15 different ways) get space, punctuated, etc., on top of everything else. Put a bad space in? Throw it back. It is THAT technical.

I get that it has to be. The repercussions of mistakes potentially devastating. Doesn't make the job easier. Especially for people like me who hate letting someone down. No few times I feel like I'm letting my trainer down because I'm not getting something after a couple tries.

The one thing that's really nice is that while I'm stumbling on some things, the way she talks, my trainer seems to think I'm doing really well on others. The main program we use isn't too hard to follow (the information IN it, on the other hand...), so I've picked that up faster than she expected. And somehow, while I'm missing really obvious stuff, I'm snagging some of the more complex things - I think that's just my brain at work there. Missing the obvious is the story of my life. The trainer seems to be picking up better on "how I learn" and "how to deal with me" too, which is a big help, because at first I believe that wasn't happening as well - to be fair, she's known me not even 2 weeks now, and she also has to do her job while training me, so that would take some time. But now she goes on vacation for two weeks, and I do a lot of other stuff that's required by law for me to be able to do the job procedure wise (notary training, for one thing), and I get to go sit in court for a day and watch the proceedings at one point as well. I am going to have a ridiculous amount of notes for this job by the time I'm out of training. This week's stuff alone, I have like 6-7 pages typed up and printed out at work, and another 8-9 scrawled in a notebook that needs typed and sorted. And the training binder is several hundred pages thick. The 3-inch three-ring binder has a hard time holding it all. And that's TRAINING, not DATA I need to know.

I think I can do it though. It's gonna take forever to learn it all, but I think I can do this. It is far and away the toughest job I've ever had, and really, I would defy anyone to present to me a data-entry-related job that comes CLOSE to the density of this beast.

For now... thank God for weekends.

Thank. God. For. Weekends.



It finally happened... at least for a little while
GM Bowser
After eleven years in the work force, I have finally become that which I have mocked most for more than a decade.

I am, at least until I'm done training at the new job, a day shifter.

Seriously, 6:00 A.M.? That's a BEDTIME, not a WAKE UP TIME.



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